Top 6 Electric Pressure Cookers In India 2020 And Buying Guide

Any Indian kitchen you step in, you will always find a pressure cooker. It is the common utensil that is found in every household in India. That’s because it is more useful than you can imagine. It can help you cook a variety of dishes. Let’s say you need soup, you have the cooker to prepare it. You need rice, you again have the cooker to make it. Not just that but it also helps you to cook fast and save time.

Speaking of pressure cookers, did you know that there are electric pressure cookers as well? Electric pressure cookers are quite popular in the west. In India, there are only very few households where you can find it. However, in recent years, they have increased in their popularity. They are any day more efficient than a regular pressure cooker.

By getting an electric pressure cooker, you can enjoy a lot of advantages. It can help you reduce your cooking time to 30%. That’s because it makes use of heat and pressure that helps to cook the food easily. For example, if you want to boil any vegetables, the cooker is the fastest option for you.

With so many advantages, it only makes sense, if you go for an electric cooker instead of a regular one. In case, you are unable to decide which cooker model to choose, then you are in the right place. To help you out, we have reviewed some of the best models on the market.

Best Electric Pressure Cookers To Buy

Here are 6 of the best pressure cookers you need in your kitchen:

Top 6 Electric Pressure Cookers In India 2020 And Buying Guide - Pressure Cooker

The first on the list we have Mealthy electric pressure cooker. this is a 9-in-1 cooker that can do a lot of stuff for you. for example, you can use it for saute, steam, cook rice, bake cakes, pasteurise, make yogurt and also for slow cooking. It also helps you to keep your food warm for long.

Another great advantage is that you can cook two dishes at once. this is made possible with the cooker pot and the stainless steel basket provided with it. they also give you an extra silicone gasket and other accessories including a measuring cup.

The capacity of this cooker is 6 liters which should be good enough for 3 to 4 members. It is made of chromium steel and is quite durable. Not just that but it is also safe to use. Given all the features, it is worth investing in.


  • 9 programmable options
  • 6 liters capacity
  • 6 months warranty
  • Cook two dishes at once
Top 6 Electric Pressure Cookers In India 2020 And Buying Guide - Pressure Cooker

The next best option is Preethi electric pressure cooker. This 5-in-1 model is one of the most versatile options you will find on the market. You can use it for a wide range of things like for saute, cooking rice, warmer and steamer. It also allows you to choose between two modes including manual and automatic.

From the menu on the main panel, you can select the dish you want to cook and the cooker will handle the rest. The best thing is that it has 15 pre-programmed dishes to choose from.

As far as safety is concerned, it scores full points. There are a total of 9 levels of safety which are used to control the pressure, power, and temperature. Another great feature is the delay timer which varies from 30 minutes to 8 hours.

You are also provided with a lot of useful accessories including a measuring cup, a flat spatula, and ladle scoop spatula.


  • 6 liters capacity
  • Allows you to cook in open and closed modes
  • 1-year warranty
  • Power consumption up to 1000 watts

Usha is one of the leading brand names in the kitchen equipment industry. This 5L electric pressure cooker from Usha is on number 3 spot because of the features and performance it gives. It is made with stainless steel which makes it highly durable.

With the help of this electric cooker, you can do a lot of things including boiling, steaming, sautéing and much more. It is designed to make your cooking easier. Other than that it provides you 10 safety features. It comes with an automatic pressure maintenance system that helps regulate the pressure. To make your purchase risk free, the product is also offered with a long warranty period of 2 years. 

The package includes a measuring cup, metal spoon, and soup spoon. You will also get a recipe booklet that contains many recipes that you can prepare with this cooker. This cooker is one of the best in its class.


  • 5 liters capacity
  • Power consumption up to 900 watts
  • 2 years warranty
  • 20 safety features
  • 10 cooking functions 
Top 6 Electric Pressure Cookers In India 2020 And Buying Guide - Pressure Cooker

For those who are in search of a basic electric pressure cooker will surely find this model appealing. Coming from a reputed brand like Panasonic, the product has to be a great one. With this electric cooker, you can cook a variety of food items like idli, rice, etc.

This is an affordable option that is equipped with the basic functionalities you need. This makes them ideal options for bachelors. With 2.7 liters capacity, it can easily serve a single person. You can use it to boil vegetables as well.

The good thing is that it is manufactured by a reliable brand. This is why it is preferred by many people. They also offer you with 2 years warranty. Unlike other electric cookers, it keeps the nutrients in your food intact.


  • 2.7 liters capacity
  • Power consumption up to 500 watts
  • Help keep your food warm
  • 2 years warranty
Top 6 Electric Pressure Cookers In India 2020 And Buying Guide - Pressure Cooker

If you are looking for a more flexible option, then you should check out this electric pressure cooker from Redmond. It is designed to perform a variety of task which makes it an ideal option for every kitchen. With the help of this cooker, you can fry food, make soup, steam food, boil, make dessert, stew and a lot of other stuff as well.

This cooker comes with 6 programmable features. Out of all the functions mentioned above, it also has a keep-warm function. It can keep your food warm for 8 long hours. Along with this feature, you are also provided with the 8-hour delay timer.

Other features include safety options. The manufacturers have made sure to make this cooker completely safe for use. You are provided with a variety of accessories with the cooker. This cooker is best suited for deep and shallow frying. Mind you, it’s not good for pressure frying. It is also provided with a 24-month warranty.


  • 5 liters capacity
  • Power rating up to 900 watts
  • 24-month warranty covering any manufacturing defect
Top 6 Electric Pressure Cookers In India 2020 And Buying Guide - Pressure Cooker

Lastly, we have an Elica Electric Pressure Cooker. This is our last model but it is equally good as the other ones mentioned on the list. This cooker is equipped with many digital functions that make it a complete performer. It includes 7 different programmable modes. For example, it can help you with rice cooking, pressure cooking, steaming, yogurt making, saute and slow cooking. It can also help you to keep your food warm.

It comes with 6 liters capacity which is big enough for 3 to 4 members. Along with that you are offered many other features as well. It is equipped with a technology that uses microchips to control the time, pressure and humidity while cooking. As you may know, these are all very important things, when it comes to cooking.

It also features a delay cooking feature that helps you to delay time between 30 minutes to 24 hours. This is also the safest electric pressure cooker you will find. It provides you with 7 safety features including anti-clog cap, pressure limit valve, thermal fuse, thermostat, pressure release device and others. So you can cook tension free. With the help of this electric cooker, you can also save up to 40% of electricity. Overall, this is one of the finest electric pressure cooker options you will find.


  • 6 liters capacity
  • Energy efficient
  • 7 safety features

Reasons To Go For An Electric Pressure Cooker

Having a pressure cooker have a lot of advantages. For example, it helps you to cook fast and thus, save more time for yourself. Also, it makes your food tastier. It ensures that all the nutrients are retained in the food. 

You are already aware of the benefits of a traditional pressure cooker. But what about an electric pressure cooker. They are in fact, more advantageous than a traditional cooker. The main benefits of using an electric pressure cooker include:

  1. The first reason is that an electric pressure cooker is much cheaper. Instead of using LPG, you are using electricity to operate this cooker. The cost of LPG is more than electricity, so you know why.

  2. To use an electric pressure cooker, you don’t have an LPG connection. You can use induction to cook the other stuff, while you use the electric cooker for specific things.

  3. Another great advantage of using electric pressure cookers is that they are safe to use. They are equipped with more than 5 to 6 safety features. However, this is not the case with a traditional pressure cooker. This is why many people prefer using an electric pressure cooker over a traditional one.

  4. It also promotes direct heat transfer. The electrical heating element transfers the heat directly to the cooker. This makes it more efficient and also reduces the loss of heat in the form of flame.

  5. Electric cookers are also equipped with various cooking programs. You can select the right program to cook the food you want.

  6. They are also more flexible than a traditional cooker. You can use an electric pressure cooker as a steamer as well.

Electric Pressure Cooker Buying Guide

Many factors go into buying an electric pressure cooker. These factors will help you to select the right model for your kitchen.

Here you go with the details.


The very first thing that matters is the size of the cooker. Electric pressure cookers are available in different sizes. You can choose the size depending on your needs. The size can range from 4 to 5-liter capacity for 2 to 3 members and 8 to 9 liter capacity of 4 members and above.


The second most important thing to consider is the material used in the making of the cooker. The most common material is stainless steel. This is not only durable but can also withstand a higher temperature.

Pressure indicator and quick release

When buying an electric pressure cooker, you need to make sure that it has an accurate pressure indicator. Along with that, it should also be equipped with quick-release options that can help you to release the pressure easily.

Pressure levels

Before getting the cooker home, you should also check the pressure levels. The maximum pressure level a cooker can reach is an important factor to consider. Make sure you look into it before buying it.

Programmable options

An electric pressure cooker is equipped with many programmable options. These programs are given to make cooking easy for you. Not just that but they also reduce your efforts a lot. Before getting the cooker, you should check the programs you are getting with it.

Safety features

Another important aspect of an electric pressure cooker is the safety options included with them. You should opt for a model that has all the safety features you need. For example, it should have a gas detector, lid close detection system, safety pressure release, temperature monitor and others. These are also the most common safety features you will find.


It is advised that you avoid buying non-stick pressure cookers. That’s because they are not very durable. The Teflon coating used is not meant to withstand higher temperatures. If you want your pressure cooker to last longer, then it’s better to go for a conventional one.

Warranty and price 

You also need to check for the warranty provided with the product. This shows how confident the manufacturer is about their products. The longer the warranty, the better it is. Since there are pressure cookers available at different prices, you need to choose the one that best suits your budget.

Electric Pressure Cooker Safety Tips

A lot of people are scared of using a pressure cooker. But times have changed and the models these days are made safer with safety features. Here are some safety tips that will help you to use your cooker safely.

  1. Before you start cooking, you should always check your cooker. You should check the gasket. Look for any cracks and make sure that the rim is clean and there is no residue in the cooker.

  2. When cooking, you have to make sure that you don’t overfill the pressure cooker. The level of food and liquid should be optimal. Food items like beans and rice swell up after cooking.

  3. You should use a pressure cooker for pressure frying. This leads to accidents and therefore, you should avoid it.

  4. You should use the quick release feature to release the pressure. You shouldn’t force open the lid as it can be dangerous to do so. You need to wait for the lid to open on its own.

Final Words

From the overall discussion, we know that electric pressure cookers are any day more efficient. In most cities in India, the supply of power is not a problem and thus, everyone can use an electric pressure cooker. They are also very easy to use. Before buying an electric pressure cooker make sure that you are following the buying guide. This will help you get the best cooker for yourself.

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